Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy... Bashed Through East Coast!

Hello Readers...

As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy bashed the East Coast this past few days and definitely was not forgiving to the Brooklyn and NYC areas. Since our business and homes are located in the evacuation zone A area, we took every pre-caution and evacuated with all our clients headlights, fog-lights, and taillights during the hurricane. The good news is there were zero damages done to our clients current/future retrofits that we have on-hand in our possession.

HID Illusionz teams; families and friends have been very lucky to be without any reported deaths, or severe trauma injuries, only just a few minor damages to our homes. Our current facility still has no electric power and internet services since Monday night, but we have faith and confidence that everything will be fully up and running pretty soon. In addition we have blotchy limited cellular phone services right now.

As of now, the hammering aftermath has been kicked into effect... Many people lost their homes along the shorelines, left out without running water, food, and going through extensive gas shortages! We barely have any gas stations left open for business. Those who are lucky to still be in business having gas, have large waiting lines, which is a nightmare. The massive waiting lines is stretched miles and miles at this point. They are people who are on foot with gas jugs to be refilled or piles of automobiles. Current wait time is approximately 6-8 hours!! Due to all the floods and damages our NYC MTA mass transit subway train and buses is still very limited.

We highly appreciate all the heart-felt supportive emails and text/sms messages we have been receiving. However, we are even more sorry that our resources don't allow us to reply back at this moment and apologize for the inconvenience. HID Illusionz will be retrofitting over-time up until we can chase back the time we have lost from this storm.

"But most importantly our hearts go out to everyone affected by the storm and to those who are scared, please do not panic, just like in our pasts we will not bow down into being defeated!"

-HID Illusionz

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