Monday, December 7, 2009

Nissan 240SX/Nissan 180SX Custom Sequential LED Twin Ring Tail Lights Retrofit

1989 - 1994 nissan 240sx custom sequential led taillights
designed computerized graphical 240sx/180sx layouts
sequential/pwm circuit board *all in 1*
*twin* sequential turn signals rings [red superflux led's]
[red superflux led's] custom led parking lights
custom led brake lights [red superflux led's]
[white superflux led's] center panel led reverse lights
front bumper
led lights [white & amber superflux led's]
oem housings & lens
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*breaking retrofit records*
this particular retrofitted taillights is the one & only first 180sx/240sx taillights to ever be custom fabricate with sequential led's!

-custom sequential led twin turn signals rings-

-center panel custom led reverse lights-

-front bumper custom led lights-

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